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Founder and Employer Brand Consultant



Emily is an independent Employer Brand Consultant based in Amsterdam and the former Global Head of Employer Branding at Prior to that she spent over a decade in marketing as a strategic Business Director at leading creative agencies, helping to transform top global brands like Dove and Absolut vodka. She now applies all of that experience and creativity to helping clients develop employer brands that are authentic, aspirational and actually worth engaging with. She works with inspiring global clients including Zalando, Smartsheet and Criteo on their employer branding initiatives and believes in truth and transparency in her approach.


Emily is a proud working mother and a vocal advocate for equity and inclusion - in the world as well as the workplace. She enjoys speaking and writing on topics she feels passionate about in the areas of employer branding, DEI and employment culture.


Getting Creative With Your Employer Brand

In this interactive workshop Emily will lead you through her tried and tested approach for turning repetitive employer brand propositions into inspiring and differentiated creative ideas.


Let's face it, many companies claim to offer 'growth' or impact' so how do you turn something many companies talk about into an ownable, PR-able and memorable creative platform to express your culture. Using examples from her own work, the world of brand marketing and best in class employer brand examples, Emily will show you how to make the leap from strategy to ideation and give you the opportunity to workshop your own ideas using this methodology.


Whether you are managing an agency process or going it alone in-house, you will leave feeling more confident in your ability to workshop and recognize great creative ideas for your employer brand. 

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