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Recruiting & Employer Branding Director

@Kaufland Romania and Moldova


Inspiring, mission driven Human Resources Leader, with over 15 years of experience driving organizational growth through innovative strategy, exceptional team leadership and meticulous project execution.

A best of both worlds – Human Resources and Marketing – with deep expertise in Human Resources Strategy and integrated execution of Employer Branding campaigns that engage audiences and deliver strong ROI.


Grand job experience - Talent Attraction and Retention of Gen Z.

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Estera Anghelescu Keynote EBcon 2023

Estera Anghelescu Keynote EBcon 2023

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A.C.C.E.S. THROUGH DIVERSITY Shifting the perspective. Shaping a more inclusive community.

Talking about people with disabilities in Romania is almost taboo. Maybe that's the problem: most get stuck in a form that can become a barrier before anything else.


At Kaufland, we do not see people with disabilities. We see Antonio, Carmen, Lia, Crina and Gheorghe. And many others like them, like me and you. People with potential and super skills. We're looking for more people like them.

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