Managing Partner



Delia Iliasa has over 20 years of experience, of which the last 11 are in the Healthcare and Wellbeing industry.


In recent years she has been the commercial Director of Medicover and Director of Operations at WorldClas, currently working as Managing Partner at SanoPass, the leader of the MedTech industry in Romania.


Mental Health - the adaptation of companies to work from home and the health of employees who work remotely


In this keynote you will be able to get key take-aways from things like:

  • How did working from home influence employees' mental health and motivation?

  • How has productivity and collaborative work been affected?

  • Main problems of companies with employees in this area and proposed solutions for: burnout, over-communication, lack of focus, remote teamwork, low engagement/ low motivation

  • Solutions and ideas to keep employees happy and "engaged" in the current context

  • How the medical benefits market is evolving in a pandemic context?