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President of the Institute for Trauma Study and Treatment


Diana Lucia Vasile studied psychology and earned her PhD studying family traumas, resilience, and posttraumatic growth. She has been practicing trauma psychotherapy for more than 20 years with individual, couples and family who struggled with adversity.


She is a lecturer in psychology at University of Bucharest, an international speaker and trainer. She loves to teach and talk about people’s psychological potential and how trauma impacts it and transforms our identity and health. Diana's passion for human recovery and transformation generated a whole team of people united in an NGO: The Institute for Trauma Study and Treatment, a leading institution in trauma psychology and psychotherapy in Bucharest, Romania.


Diana is the co-founder and the president of this association, simply called ISTT. ISTT is dedicated to people who need information, support, assistance and psychotherapy to prevent, cope with and recover from adverse life situation. Her ability to connect theory to practice and to stimulate health through words made Diana Vasile one of the most valuable specialist in psychology and psychotherapy.


The Power of Trauma and Healthy Relationships

We need people. We need positive and growth-stimulating experiences. We also need obstacles. But we do not need trauma. Still, we experience trauma. Trauma, not only as an external event, but as an internal experience. What can trauma and helplessness teach us about personal strengths and constructive relationships?

The power of trauma is not about enduring suffering; it is about reconnecting with parts of yourself. The healthy relationships are not about being together, but about being trustfully connected. The main tools we can use are education, self-regulation, connection and clarity.

We are all responsible for using them, leaders and managers being in the first line. Diana offers some insights from trauma psychology and research that help us to shape our everyday life, to develop our relationships, to maintain and restore our health during coping with adversity.

The Power of Trauma and Healthy Relationships - Diana Vasile

The Power of Trauma and Healthy Relationships - Diana Vasile

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