Employer Branding Strategist

@Bosch Romania



My mission is to create a bridge between employers’ and candidates’ needs. 

It is an exciting journey, and I am happy to be among Employer Branding practitioners who set the benchmark for this industry in Romania. For me there is no unique solutions that fits all needs. Therefore, in my current role I build synergies and I create the best platforms for integrated campaigns addressed to our diverse target groups. 

Even if Bosch has a global EVP, we are constantly looking for local authentic, consistent, and outstanding messages. 

What is certain is the fact that this approach would not be possible without my extensive experience that focused across all growing industries in Romania during the past 8 years, together with a portfolio of more than 50 Employer Branding Projects ranging from Graduates Campaigns to defining and localizing EVPs.


The power of authentic messages and targeted communication in the new normal.

Case Study based on video campaign  -  Remarkable People of Bosch Romania

Bosch Group has more than 25 years of experience in Romania and is recognized by candidates as the 2nd Most Desired Employer  in the Automotive Industry.