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Founder and Employer Brand Consultant



Emily is an independent Employer Brand Consultant based in Amsterdam and the former Global Head of Employer Branding at (Winner of 2019 Best Employer Brand on LinkedIn 10K+ employees).


Prior to that she spent over a decade in marketing as a strategic Business Director at leading creative agencies, helping to transform top global brands like Dove and Absolut vodka.


She now applies all of that experience and creativity to helping clients develop Employer Brands that are authentic, aspirational and actually worth engaging with.


Emily is a proud working mother and a vocal advocate for equality and inclusion - in the world as well as the workplace. She enjoys speaking and writing on topics she feels passionate about in the areas of employer branding, D,I&B and employment culture. Emily is also a resident 'agony aunt' on LinkedIn answering Employer Branding challenges in her feature #AskEmily. 


Avoiding '50 Shades of Beige'. How to create EB content that people actually want to watch. 

It's always been hard to secure budget for EB content and we're about to see that get even harder. But it's also a truism that when there's a great idea on the table, budget is easier to pitch for. So how do you get to those great ideas and how do you create content with cut-though, especially in a time where there is so much at stake and more noise online than ever?

In this 30 min keynote, Emily will share inspiring examples and provide simple and actionable methods to get you thinking more boldly than ever before about human storytelling in an EB context. 

Avoiding "50 Shades of Beige". How to create EB content that people actually want to watch.

Avoiding "50 Shades of Beige". How to create EB content that people actually want to watch.

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