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Jonas Molbech-Kuskner.


@Hume Agency

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Jonas, the Co-Founder of Hume Agency, is vocal about his approach to employer branding, extending a polite middle finger to outdated corporate tactics and rewriting the rules of branding strategy together with his team. Jonas is working with startups and scaleups across various industries creating humanized employer brands.


Employer brands are getting killed in corporate bullshit. Do this instead!

Modern times call for modern approaches. Long meetings, fancy PowerPoints, and buzzwords on career site pages aren't gonna cut it anymore. The external world sees right through your vague statements. I'll walk you through our journey as a young Employer Brand Agency. How we've tested, failed, learned, and optimized processes for modern companies.


The importance of building personal brands within your company

We will focus together on thought leadership, personal branding, and employee advocacy (done the right way). People often tie employer advocacy to copy & paste shitty solutions, when it's actually about providing resources and motivation to employees letting them build up their own brand that will benefit both them personally and the company they sit at.

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