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Corporate Narrative & Strategy Leader,




Jonathan is a corporate communications leader and storyteller at IBM.

As part of his current role, he leads communications for the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project.

Focused on the intersection of technology and society, Jonathan has built his career in the world’s fasting-moving markets - from Warsaw & Moscow where he was responsible for establishing IBM’s communications function in Central & Eastern Europe; to Nairobi where he introduced the world to IBM Research-Africa; to Beijing where he showcased IBM’s leadership in air pollution management.

He lives in London and spends his free time climbing walls and tightening his grip on two of the world’s most difficult languages.


At the end of the day, we are all remembered as a story. As an organization, what stories can you tell to influence your reputation, how to tell them, and how to influence the storytellers?


In this keynote, Jonathan will use the example of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship as a case study for corporate storytelling. He will explain how the IBM communications team found and nurtured the project to become one of the company’s biggest global drivers of media coverage.


He will cover narrative development, stakeholder management, and social media engagement and provide tips to help your organization create stories that it is proud to be remembered for.

Case Study - Corporate Storytelling

Case Study - Corporate Storytelling

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