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Group Employer Branding Manager

@Coca-Cola HBC


Maria is a creative thinker who leads Employer Branding through storytelling at Coca-Cola HBC.  

As part of her current role, she works with a community of 20+ Employer Branding enthusiasts across 28 countries, to create content and experiences that show what life is like, working for one of the biggest bottlers of Coca-Cola.


Across 20 years, Maria built her career in HR with a focus on inspiring people to be their best selves – if that involves being happy at work, even better! Now, she works in “the happy place” at the intersection of HR, Marketing and Communications, engaging others to find and share those stories that make them love what they do.


She’s working virtually from Bucharest, juggling career, life with two kids and her side business of watercolor-illustrated coaching tools.


Empowering Advocacy through Storytelling


We all know consumers believe ratings and referrals from friends more than an ad. We knew that in order to build an authentic image, we had to turn to our employees, and empower them to share their perspective.

How do you find and engage those employees who are proud of what they do and couldn’t resist sharing with their networks?

Coca-Cola HBC launched Employee Advocacy in the summer of 2020, and in only a few months, the advocates across 10 countries increased the company’s online presence 7 times!

Maya Tsankova, Group Employer Branding Communications Manager and Maria Dinu, Group Employer Branding Manager will share the journey behind how Coca-Cola HBC built a storytelling culture around Employee Advocacy.

At the end, you’ll be inspired to empower your employees towards more than just EB –  to share their personal story and grow their personal brand.

Empowering Advocacy through Storytelling

Empowering Advocacy through Storytelling

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