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Head of HR Communications

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She has been working in the field of employer branding since 2007, so we could say that she grew with it 😊 At the beginning she was responsible for simple location HR Marketing activities, until she took over the coordination of these activities in all the Romanian locations in 2009.


In 2015 she participated in defining the global strategy of Employer Branding within Continental, and in 2019 to its upgrade. Over the years, Maria was involved in various projects, such as: recruitment events, employer branding events aiming to position the company as a top employer in the field of technology, online and offline advertising campaigns, social media campaigns and engagement projects meant to involve colleagues from the technical departments in promoting the image of Continental as an employer.


Our Hooks for Digital Talents

A short overview about Continental s activities for attracting digital talents, going through target group definition, challenges, expectations, implemented activities and some results.

Our Hooks for Digital Talents!