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Nikos Foros.

Employer Branding Solutions Lead

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Nikos is leading the Employer Branding Solutions team of, the biggest hub for professionals in Greece. Prior to joining, he has worked in experiential learning roles and educative programs, and most recently, on initiatives in Project Management and Product Development!

Nikos is an expert in Employer Branding. Thus, over the last 2 years, along with his team, he has been consulting some of the biggest employers in Greece on their Employer Branding strategies. Together with major client stakeholders, he is building tailor-made solutions for their brand, on different components of Employer Branding, such as Employee Value Proposition Building, Optimization of their Career Site, 360° Onboarding Evaluation, and transformation of their Candidate Experience.


Winning the War for Talent: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market! 

We're living in a Candidate-driven era, where the essential differentiated factors among companies are vital for one individual's decision. We will delve into how a well-crafted EVP can help companies attract top talent, retain existing employees, and foster engagement across the workforce. We will explore strategies for developing a compelling EVP, as well as the benefits that such an approach can bring to businesses and their employees alike.

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Nikos Foros Keynote EBcon 2023

Nikos Foros Keynote EBcon 2023

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