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Peter Hammer.

Global Brand Director


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Peter is a passionate marketing and brand professional with a love for creativity, strategy, and storytelling. With an extensive history in the videogame industry, creative services, and innovation space, he brings a unique skill set to his profession.

In his previous role as V.P. Creative at Behaviour Interactive, Peter helped build the Business Solutions group bringing the best of gamification to companies in North America.

He is currently the Global Brand Director at Nagarro and is one of the Marketing leads. He works across all marketing needs and helps tell the Nagarro story throughout the world. A passionate team member, he can be found in all activations, be it B2B marketing, H.R., employee branding, P.R., and more.

KeynoteCompany Culture, why it matters.

More often than not, we live in a “me too” world. The products we make, the technology we work on, and the services we offer are often interchangeable with others. So, what makes you a company different, and why should you even care? Let’s talk about company culture, company values, and the role they need to play in your hiring, retention, and communication.

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Peter Hammer Keynote EBcon 2023

Peter Hammer Keynote EBcon 2023

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