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Rebecca heads up all things Talent Marketing at one of the largest and most forward-thinking tech organisations in the world; IBM. Leading a team of 10 brand managers across 100 countries, Rebecca is responsible for the creation and execution of the Talent Marketing strategy across Europe, Middle East and Africa.


With over 10 years experience in the Talent Marketing and Talent Acquisition space, working for brands such as RBS, BP, Dixons CPW and Sainsbury’s, Rebecca has experienced the challenges attracting top talent in some of the most competitive spaces.


When it comes to Talent Marketing; Rebecca is passionate about data and technology, with her most impactful (and favourite) projects being the implementation of innovative advertising and candidate experience tools.


When not leading the charge on Talent Marketing at IBM, you can find Rebecca wakeboarding or surfing on a beach somewhere hot!


Putting a face to the data: How to define your audience

In this keynote, understand how Bec’s “befriended” data in one of the world’s, oldest, largest and most complex tech organisations and how you can do the same! Hopfully helping you, and your teams, gain a deeper understanding of where those unicorn candidates are hiding and get ahead of your competition in finding them!

Putting a face to the data: How to define your audience

Putting a face to the data: How to define your audience

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