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Employer Branding A.M.



Rob has spent the last few years working in both talent acquisition and also employer brand, most recently moving from food (the weight gain struggle was real) into the beauty sector (but hasn’t stretched to wearing make-up just yet).  Having spent time in European and global roles, developing employer brand strategies (and living in Romania for a couple of years!), he now works in London developing an employer brand strategy for the UK and Ireland markets at L’Oréal.


If you want to talk to him about papanaşi, EVP development or recruitment marketing, he’s your guy!


Flipping the script on diversity: how to attract diverse team members

This talk will go through a recent recruitment marketing campaign that L’Oréal UK launched in 2019, aimed at attracting more males to the business.  


Using programmatic marketing on social media with a campaign created entirely from current employees, hear how we overcame the challenge of attracting more men into a predominantly female business, all the while ensuring that we didn’t disengage the female population.