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Claudia Gheorghiu.

Employer Branding Coordinator

@Mega Image

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With 7 years of experience in Retail – Marketing and Employer Branding – she knows that involvement, creativity, perseverance, and responsibility are the main ingredients to face all challenges and carry out successfully projects.

Starting 2022, she took the role of Employer Branding Coordinator at Mega Image and since then she fully embraces everyday inspiration and puts great emphasis on the Employer Branding’s communication and strategy pursuit, that has #MegaCommunity at its core.

Keynote: The Power Of Togetherness.

A journey about how life at Mega Image looks like. Happy to share our initiatives and moments that bring us together. Being part of our Mega Community give us a great sense of pride. When we are together we: smile, communicate, care about each other, celebrate our success, enjoy every moment, make long term plans and we grow together.


Together we are Mega!

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Claudia Gheorghiu EBcon

Claudia Gheorghiu EBcon

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