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 Learn, connect and get inspired.

EBdialogue is a community for employer branding practitioners. Here you can learn, connect and get inspired by local industry leaders. Our events will cover pressing HR, Employer Branding and Talent Attraction matters.

All in under 2 hours, in Romanian or English.

The Most Desired Employers 2024: Key findings on candidate behaviour and expectations

6th of June, 10:00 AM - Live, Online on Zoom

In this session, we will further explore crucial aspects of candidate perception, following the results of The Most Desired Employers Study 2024. If you missed EBcon, this is the chance for you to learn more, with a deeper approach about:


• Motivators in current jobs: Exploring what drives employees to excel in their roles.

• Reasons to stay or leave: Analyzing the factors influencing employee retention and attrition.

• Professional challenges: Identifying common hurdles faced by professionals in today's workplace.

• Career goals: Insights into the career aspirations of candidates over the next three years.

• Professional reconversions: Strategies for transitioning professionals into new roles or industries.

• Job Search Behavior: Examining how candidates approach their job search process.

• Attributes of Desired Employers: What qualities do candidates associate with top employers?

• Winning Talent Attraction: Understanding candidate types that are key to attracting and retaining top talent.


Why Attend? This session is a unique opportunity for HR and Employer Branding professionals to gain in-depth knowledge about the evolving landscape of candidate behavior.  

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The community is part of a wider initiative powered by Catalyst Solutions and, the Employer Branding Learning Hub.

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