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Managing Director of Ph.Digital @award-winning

Employer Brand Agency Ph.Creative


Jim is the level-headed, focused MD of Ph.Digital - which, in turn, is its own division of Ph.Creative, an award-winning creative agency specializing in employer brand. Jim’s area of expertise is digital innovation in careers websites. That means he finds clever, inventive ways to enhance and refine site performance, driving improvements to candidate experience and usability, and creating sites that beautifully amplify the organization’s employer brand.

Jim’s been instrumental working on a number of Ph’s award-winning projects, creating careers websites for large clients like GVC, DAZN, King, Wehkamp, and Nationwide. And if he can’t get enough of a digi-fix in work, he’s also a member of BIMA (British Interactive Media Association), so he’s consistently focused on all things digital no matter where he is.

Jim’s story is one of stepping up to the plate. He’s been a Defender of Happiness at Ph.Creative for over 12 years, and is passionate about all aspects of agency life. He joined Ph as a front-end developer with a real thing for Umbraco CMS, and, with each new challenge he embraced, his career grew organically. He stepped up into the role of Head of Production, and then pushed himself even further, becoming Operations Director, and nabbing himself a well-deserved place on Ph’s Board. In his latest role as MD of Ph.Digital, he leads, inspires, and motivates our teams and partner organizations to bring their best, every day, cultivating a spirit of overcoming challenges and striving for outstanding results.

Jim’s homegrown, and he’s done it all. Down-to-earth and straight to the point, he’s an engaging, expert, and enthusiastic speaker, who sparks up a very real ambition in his listeners.

Career strategies that will succeed!

Career strategies that will succeed!

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