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Employer Branding Coordinator



Karina drives Employer Branding activities for DNV’s Shared Services organization. With over 10-year experience within communication, she understands the power of using right words and storytelling in conveying the message. 

What started out as internal communication support, has over the years led her to Employer Branding Coordinator role at DNV, where she consequently works on creating engagement among employees and positioning the company as employer of choice. Karina strongly believes in the learning by doing philosophy, so you can expect some concrete examples to use and learn from. 

Having studied Scandinavian languages, she is a fan of everything connected with Scandinavia – starting from the language and ending with the culture. 


EVP – what is it and why should you have one?

How to make sure you attract the right candidates and why should they choose you as an employer? Working with Employer Branding these are probably the questions you’ve asked yourself many times. And the answer lies within three words – Employer Value Proposition (EVP).


According to Karina a good EVP is like a compass that can guide you in your storytelling. She will showcase how DNV has managed to build from scratch their employer brand on the Shared Services market in Poland. She will also talk about how the EVP they’ve created helps them to communicate the company’s culture and what they did to ensure that the communication with the candidates is consistent across all touchpoints.

EVP – what is it and why should you have one?

EVP – what is it and why should you have one?

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