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Lestat Monroe.


@Romanian Diversity Chamber Of Commerce

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Paris-born, Lestat has spent two decades building successful businesses in printing, online retail and real estate, as well as advising investors in Eastern Europe and the Middle East on matters ranging from strategy to diversity and inclusion. Turning heads and changing mentalities, he is one of the leading influencers on ED&I matters in Romania and the region.

Most recently, Lestat has teamed up with Accenture, Dentons, IKEA, EBRD, EIB, ING, Kaufland, MyEcoBox, Raiffeisen, Vodafone & UiPath and others to form the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce -- the first business organization of its kind in the world created to promote diversity in business.

Lestat is also the proud co-parent of Lucrezia and Orazio, his 12-year-old twins.


ED&I Today and Tomorrow

ED&I Today and Tomorrow. Lestat Monroe - EBcon 2022

ED&I Today and Tomorrow. Lestat Monroe - EBcon 2022

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