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EMEA Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing – Consumer Tech



Modiara is a young executive with a broad understanding of business strategy, recruitment processes and leadership. 

After studying management she got involved in recruitment to impact people’s lives in a positive way. Her fascination for technological advancement, the power of online media, and the experiences they can offer led her to TA tech and employer branding.

Modiara currently leads Amazon’s recruitment marketing efforts in EMEA, while sharing her employer branding thoughts with the industry, and writing her first novel.


Invent and Simplify Employer Branding

This keynote will be focussed on what we can learn from consumer marketing and how we approach employer branding. Topics that will be included are: lifecycle-marketing and insights-driven marketing.

Invent and Simplify Employer Branding.

Invent and Simplify Employer Branding.

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