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Nili Haikin an expert Employer Brand and Digital Manager, with vast experience in tech recruitment and talent sourcing via social media since 2010.  

Nili, CEO and Founder of Vitamin P Agency, a boutique global employer branding agency (including clients Johnson & Johnson, GAP, IKEA and Just EAT) specializes in Employer Brand strategy, recruitment marketing and social network management since 2018.  Nili manages Israely facebook community since 2016 with over 2000 HR professionals.

A keynote speaker in Israel, Ukraine and Russia about employer branding and digital recruitment.

In 2019 Nili has completed an online certified course on Employer Branding consulting for Global Organizations at Universum from Stockholm.


A new and improved formula for EB managers as content creators in the AI-era!

Click the PDF to view the presentation!


How to boost your Employer Brand Strategy using TikTok 

Every few years we witness the entry of a new social network that sets the tone in recruiting and retaining young candidates and employees. Even if the new network does not seem to be suitable for our target audience, in the perspective of years past, we know that the opposite is true.

In her lecture, Nili will speak about TikTok and how to use this network to boost your employer branding in 2022.


5 secrets about Recruitment Marketing Campaigns: How to succeed during the pandemic!