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Flavia Bucerzan.

Employer Branding Manager

@Bosch Romania

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Flavia is a Communication Expert with over 15 years of national and international experience gained in diverse business environments from advertising, constructions to the IT industry. In more recent years, she has discovered and deep dived into the captivating field of Employer Branding while leading the local team from the Engineering Center Cluj. Today, she is the happy coordinator of the Employer Branding activities on country level.

KeynoteMission impossible? On a quest to attract and retain top tech talent #LikeABosch.

Engineering and tech talents are among the hardest to get. The scarcity of talent combined with the huge competition among tech and industrial companies to attract the best candidates generates a game of chase and keep, especially when it comes to the experienced and highly skilled candidates. We as a company can only be attractive to these candidates if we play the right game: we stand out from the crowd, we communicate authentically about our business and culture, and mainly, we put their needs on the first place. Therefore, we invest heavily in innovation and latest technologies, we offer tailored career & learning programs, flexible ways of working, and we make sure that our company’s mission and values are shared by our colleagues. Simply put, we Work #LikeABosch and shape the future by inventing new technologies.

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