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Meet the team from

PORR Romania!

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About us:

In PORR, smart constructions bring people together. The same intelligent constructions underpin the "strategy house", supported, in terms of human resources, by four central pillars: talent management and organizational development, digitization of HR processes, employee experience and employer brand.

Each of these pillars is made up of programs, initiatives and projects designed to contribute, on the one hand, to strengthening the perception that PORR Romania offers a pleasant working environment and, on the other hand, to position the organization in first place among the top employers in construction sector.

Reliability. Shoulder to shoulder. Appreciation. Passion. Pioneering spirit. These are our five PORR principles that unite us and make us unique. They form our common corporate culture and are everything we need to grow and grow together. In this way, we can become even stronger as a team and ensure the sustainable success of PORR. But there is even more behind these five principles. Three interpretations each show what they mean to us.

The Speaker team:

Veronica Olteanu

Veronica Olteanu.

Director Human Resources & Communications

@PORR Romania

Veronica is, since 2020, the Human Resources & Communication Director of PORR Romania. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of human resources and organizational development, Veronica is a leader who believes that the success of a company is defined by the harmonious combination of a people-centered and results-oriented approach.

In PORR Romania she developed the company's human resources strategy and strengthened the role of consultant and business partner of the "human resources person", supporting and multiplying the company's success on the local market.

"In an organization with more than 1,700 employees, intra- and interdepartmental communication plays a key role. In terms of engagement, commitment and wellbeing, we focus on accessing those tools and levers that bring people together, encourage them to express their ideas, suggestions or proposals for improvement, share good practices or lessons learned during projects of ongoing constructions and which, last but not least, put them in contact with all the relevant information about the life or activity of the company, in terms of events, financial results, news, information about new projects, strategy or directions of action."

Adrian Blejan.

Manager, LEAN

@PORR Romania

Adrian is a LEAN manager in PORR Romania. Before this role, he was Deputy Project Manager in the Comana Grădiștea railway infrastructure project. That was also the period in which he made contact with the LEAN philosophy and declared it love at first sight. From Adrian's point of view, LEAN is based on simple but essential principles such as continuous improvement, standardization, communication, visualization and error recognition. LEAN, he says, is a philosophy and a psychology with which we change a mindset.

"LEAN involves working with everyone. We call on the pioneering spirit of PORRians to form a critical mass and perpetuate this philosophy where communication, standardization and improvement continue to flow naturally and become an integral part of our organizational culture.”

Adrian Blejan
Dan Vlasceanu

Dan Vlasceanu.

BIM Area Manager, Innovation Department

@PORR Romania

Dan Vlăsceanu is the BIM Area Manager within the Innovation Department and is responsible for coordinating the activity in the BIM platform, as well as generating data for the newly implemented machines and technologies.
A graduate of the Faculty of Geodesy and eager to innovate, he implements new methods of processing and using topographic measurements and creates automation solutions for repetitive workflows.

Together with the PORR team since 2019, Dan has contributed to the implementation of solutions such as: BIM, Machine Control Systems, site production monitoring solutions, aerial photogrammetry.

"In the 5 years spent so far in PORR Romania, I have had many opportunities to share with the external environment, and here I mean partners, collaborators, students, about the activity I carry out within the department. These experiences contribute to both my professional and personal development."

Carmen Schuster.

Procurement & ESG Director PORR Romania

@PORR Romania

Carmen Schuster joined the PORR Romania team in February 2020, as Procurement Director.
A graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, she specialized in procurement in France from 2002-2006 and throughout her career has held roles in strategy, business development and construction material operations teams within various companies international.
Her experience focuses on the innovation and transformation of sales programs, business development and acquisitions.

From January 2023, Carmen also became the ESG Director of PORR Romania, one of her objectives in this role being the contribution to a sustainable development of the construction industry.

"From my point of view, the circular economy in the field of construction represents a path towards the sustainable development of infrastructure in Romania. We take on the role of doing things differently because only together can we make a better world. And when I say together, I mean both the more than 1,700 PORRians, as well as our collaborators and partners."

Carmen Schuster
Irina Dumitru_edited.jpg

Irina Dumitru.

Deputy Manager, Innovation Department

@PORR Romania

In PORR Romania, Irina combines technical knowledge about infrastructure works with passion for new technologies, to develop and implement within the company, the BIM strategy for Infrastructure projects.
Her activity involves creating technical documentation around innovations, testing various applications, as well as creating informative materials about the technologies used within the department.

Together with the PORR team since 2018, Irina has contributed to the implementation of solutions such as: BIM, Machine Control Systems, production monitoring solutions from the construction site, aerial photogrammetry.
Irina appreciates the company culture because it encourages an innovative culture and offers equal opportunities to everyone who wants to develop.

"PORR is a company with a work environment where all employees have access to the same opportunities for professional development, advancement and recognition of their contributions, which helps increase the satisfaction and commitment of PORRians within the organization."

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